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Located on an abandoned tea plantation on the edge of the Dumbara valley and away from the hustle and bustle of the busy roads, Kandy Samadhi Centre is a beautiful and tranquil retreat that will compel you to relax and contemplate what is important in life. At Samadhi, you will have a perfect opportunity to let nothing interrupt the sounds of forest birdsong, of tree frogs and crickets and the whisper of the breeze from the trees. Here at the retreat, you can: get to practice your yoga and meditation in the beautiful shala, opened on 4 sides and with the sounds of the jungle and river accompanying your session enjoy amazing massages by the resident Ayurveda therapist in an unforgettable outdoor setting by candlelight have a delicious meal, made from fresh local produce (much of which is grown on the grounds) under the stars in the open-air restaurant sleep peacefully with the only sound coming from the river below. So, escape to nature and surrender your senses to the serene environment of natural forests, healing herbs, paddy fields, rivers, nearby mountains and wildlife. Reserve a place at Kandy Samadhi Centre for that off-the-track vacation that will re-energize and bring you closer to yourself!


On waking in the early hours listen to tree frogs whose cacophony seems like a child tinkering with a Xylophone, the birds call to their mates, the deer cough, the wild boars are evident only by the rustle in the bush and the porcupine is even more timid. In this retreat, only you can experience such an extraordinary surrounding and ambience.


The concept of Samadhi is a testament to a new era in Sri Lankan development where the ambience of old village life and the westerners desire to escape to nature can merge. But take heed - no two visits to this unique place can ever be the same. The visitor constantly finds new levels of intrigue and inspiration. You need time to absorb the intricate nuances, which begin to unravel between visits.


There is no Sinhala word for goodbye. The person about to depart calls out Mama gehilla enang! which means, I will go and return. To which the response is Gehing enna! which means, yes, go and return! Once you find your way to Samadhi, you will understand why returning there is also part of your journey. This will give you a cultural experience that you have never experienced before.



Available year-round. We can arrange retreats from 2-14 days according to your requirements.



GPS N 07'21.577' E 080' 44.262

Kandy is 23 kilometers from Samadhi Centre and it takes around 50 minutes by car. Colombo Airport is 123 kilometers and it takes around 3 hours by car to get to Samadhi Centre.



Single off-peak (private room – mud house) – US$850

Single peak season (private room – mud house) – US$1000

Single off-peak (private room - Classic wing) – US$1595

Single peak season (private room - Classic wing) – US$1885

2 persons off-peak (double room - mud house) – US$1250

2 persons peak season (double room - mud house) – US$1470

2 persons off-peak (double room- Classic wing) – US$2275

2 persons peak season (double room- Classic wing) – US$2684



  • 7 nights luxury accommodation
  • All daily meals
  • 7 sessions of yoga
  • Trip to the waterfall and picnic
  • River bathing

Yoga Teachers

Yumi Jayasinghe, wife of Waruna the owner of Samadhi, brings the Japanese element into Samadhi. Originally a Cartoonist in Tokyo, she has taught hatha Yoga since 2005. Yumi choreographs dance for children at a local International school. She brings a creative impact to enliven any session for beginner or experienced yogi.


Janaka Tennekoon, lives in Kandy, having trained with Nicky Knoff in Cairns, Australia and Paddy McGrath. He has developed his own brand of dynamic Yoga while his grounding as a swimming coach and PE Instructor combined with early years of absorbing village wisdom has provided a unique balance for a teacher.


Inside the entrance hall at Samadhi you are watched over by a silk tapestry depicting seven Buddhist monks each holding a lotus blossom in their hand. Each monk is a different shade of brown. Likewise, the cultural diversity of this island is reflected in the villagers, who form the core of what makes Samadhi run smoothly. They are unspoiled and courteous - every man, woman or boy will calmly break from sweeping the stone pathway, lighting the oil lamp or picking fresh produce for your lunch to wish you Ayubowan! the traditional Sinhala welcome which means Let there be long life!


The inspiration for the design and architecture was born of meditation. And so, you willingly leave your city husk behind at the gate with no signal for mobile phones, it is the perfect opportunity to let nothing interrupt the sounds of forest birdsong, of tree frogs and crickets, and the whisper of the breeze from the trees.


The thirteen pavilions, which lean out of the hillside, are veritable temples of tranquility. They are designed to make you feel you are the onl`y person staying here. Privacy is everything. Yet there are no unnecessary walls. This results in a truly serene environment surrounded by urns, art and treasures dating back to a time Kandy was a royal realm. There, everything is king-sized. The Indonesian teak bed in a double room is spacious enough to sleep three people comfortably. But even the smallest suite provides a four-poster bed to dream in.


The spacious verandahs of each suite of rooms give onto paddy fields, nearby mountains and bench terraces filled with herb gardens or pineapples. Bamboos reach out with their four-fingered leaves to fan a breeze at you. In the surrounding natural forest, mango, toddy palm, mahogany and jak trees rub necks with giant bamboo, avocado and Chinese guava.


Things to Do (Optional)

  • Astrologer
  • Ayurvedic consultant
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Bird watching
  • Organic vegetarian home cooking
  • River bathing
  • Sinhala cookery lessons
  • Woodland walks


Know Before You Go

  • If you need a car, van, an English-speaking driver or a guide for your tour around Sri Lanka, we are happy to assist you.
  • Transfer from and to airport on request.
  • At the retreat, there is no wheelchair access. Also, there are many uneven steps and numerous walking paths to rooms and the central dining area.
  • Please note that the area surrounding Samadhi Centre is mountainous jungle so occasional snakes and scorpions may be found. In rainy weather leeches and centipedes are part of the wildlife. Be prepared for a rough ride along the Kukuloya Road, which makes up the last third of the journey from Kandy to the Centre. The road is often the worse for wear due to rains.  


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