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Rolling Meadows, a 100 acre yoga retreat center over-looking the hills of coastal Maine, provides a rural, pastoral setting for personal and spiritual renewal supported by the practices of yoga and meditation. Scheduled silent yoga and meditation retreats for up to 10 participants are offered throughout the year. The practices of meditation, classical hatha yoga, yin and restorative yoga, pranayama, and self inquiry create the flow of the day with personal time between sessions for enjoying the natural world and walking the extensive trails that weave thru out the property.


2018 Mediation and Yoga Retreats

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May 3-6           The Joy of Being

With the support of yoga postures, pranayama, restorative poses, yin yoga, meditation, silence. breath work, meditative movement and unstructured time in nature, this yoga retreat will be an opportunity to experience and explore the peace and joy of being.


May 19-24       Silence and Simplicity

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and reconnect with silence, simplicity, and your Soul with Krishna Peter Perry and Aiyana Athenian of ShivaShakti School of Yoga. 


June 23-29      Opening to Divine Love

Sept 22-28

Nov 8-12           

Transformational Women’s Retreats offer a sacred space to expand consciousness and self-Awareness, revealing the unique ways each of us resonate as and with the Divine.


July 14-20       Remembering Our Natural State of Being

This Meditation and Yoga retreat offers an opportunity to experience our True Nature. The underlying purpose of Yoga and most other spiritual traditions throughout the ages is to help us inquire into who we really are beneath the many layers of conditioning and to live our life from That.  


Oct 13-19        Living From Our Sacred Self

In this Meditation and Yoga Retreat, through the practices of meditation, yoga asana, yin yoga, pranayama, meditative movement, yoga nidra, breath work, restorative poses, self-inquiry, silence and free time in the natural world we have an opportunity to more clearly see the conditioning that does not serve us.  



Rates are from $675-$1250 depending on the length of the retreat.



  • All lodging and meals
  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Private interviews with teachers


Patricia Brown has been teaching yoga and meditation retreats since 1981.  Patricia's teaching is a quiet exploration of Awareness...Yin yoga, breath, gravity, silence, quiet sitting. She focuses on ease and naturalness and on noticing and sensing what we already are. She creates a silent, undistracted environment for developing a quality of listening from which a self-referenced practice and orientation to one's inner life can emerge.


Surya-Chandra Das began studying hatha yoga and meditation in 1988 and has taught classes and yoga retreats since 1990 His teaching is a blend of the various teachings he has experienced and his own explorations. Nondual Awareness or Presence is the foundation of the retreats.  Surya is interested in helping participants understand the depth and breadth of Yoga - that it is so much more than performing asanas (postures) and can permeate every aspect of our lives well beyond the retreat.

More about Rolling Meadows

Rolling Meadows offers small group yoga and meditation retreats in a fully restored 1840's New England farmhouse in mid-coast Maine. The simple elegance of the farmhouse provides a serene and restful setting for yoga and meditation groups of up to 10 people in comfortable rooms. Participants can relax in the sun room, library, living rooms, screen porch or by the woodstove in the winter months. Facing south to the surrounding countryside, the yoga and meditation room is filled with light, and is fully equipped with meditation cushions and yoga props.


Extensive flower and organic vegetable gardens, streams, woods, walking paths, a spring -fed pond for swimming and a small flock of sheep grazing in the pasture invite one into relationship with the slower rhythms of the natural world. Guests are invited to walk the extensive paths thru the woods and fields, take a wood fired sauna, swim or cross country ski in season and to rest in the quietude of uninterrupted time in the natural world.



Wholesome meals are prepared fresh three times daily. Much of the food comes from the extensive organic vegetable gardens on the property. Patricia and Surya have a passionate interest in understanding the relationship between a wholesome diet and vitality and the meals served on retreat reflect this commitment. The menu is vegetarian and includes dairy, and eggs. Special dietary needs can be accommodated with advance notice.

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