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Tantra and Hatha yoga are deeply connected to each other by their roots. Ha-Tha are powerful practices that allows us to bring together two opposite energies into a symbiotic relationship for clarity and transformation.  The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit, its root tan means to expand, and the word tantra means to weave, or loom together.


There are several important aspects to a Tantric practice. These include Deva, Mantra, Mudra, Prana, and Nyasa.  As we are connecting all the elements of a Tantric Hatha practice, we’ll also include a dynamic alignment based Asana sequence that will allow us to flow from one practice to the next.


Initially, we’ll look at the above mentioned practices on their own, and as the workshop evolves we’ll begin to incorporate these practices into one flowing practice.  In this incorporative practice, we'll have the opportunity to experience the profound connection between Hatha and Tantra. Come with an open mind and we’ll all experience the depth of Tantric Hatha Yoga.  Jai Shri Ma!

Locations and Dates

If you would like to explore your practice of Yoga in various exciting places, join Michael Stewart as he shares his depth, sense of joy, devotion and experience of this profound, practical philosophy. If you would like the opportunity to immerse yourself for a week or two, nestled in a beautiful bay in the midst of the Aegean sea, then Golkoy, Turkey is the perfect place for you. Here, your days and nights are filled with delicious explorations into the variety of Tantric Hatha Yoga practices. These will include dynamic asana practices infused with pranayama, mudras, and mantras.


Perhaps you’re more interested in a European city break and one of Michael’s workshops in Berlin, a city filled with a history of culture and the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe. If your interests beyond Yoga also include the History of modern civilization, then Athens might be what you’re looking for this year. This season Madrid and Oslo will also be part of the city offerings.


If you’d rather escape the big city, perhaps a few weeks or months can be spent with Michael on the Mexican Caribbean, studying the Yoga of your choice with his extensive one to one sessions. These can be designed to your specific needs. He has been developing students from all around the world, away from the cold and darkness of winter months, in the warmth Akumal, Mexico. “The Place of the Turtles” is a tiny seaside town that really allows space for one’s own practices to deepen with the helpful guidance of Michael’s extensive knowledge of Yoga, Buddhism, Meditation, and his sense of play. Please continue to check the Michael Stewart yoga website called Lokavidu for new dates listed on Michael’s schedule.


About Michael Stewart

Michael J. Stewart is a Hatha Yoga teacher with a varied background. His journey has taken him from the Jivamukti studio in New York City to study with Iyengar teachers Sharat Arora and Rajiv Chenchani in India. He has also studied with Sri Dharma Mittra,and is currently studying Rajanaka Yoga with Dr. Douglas Brooks. Michael is also deeply moved by the the practice of mantras and kirtan. This allows him the opportunity to combine his love for African music and his connection to traditional Sanskrit mantras. His teaching is inspired by the spirituality of Swami Sivananda and the deep insight of Patanjali. Michael is also known internationally as a Movement facilitator, African Drumming teacher, Choreographer and Theatre director.



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